Kent Vineyard – The beginning – 18th October 2009 (English wine)

Kent Vineyard – The beginning – 18th October 2009

Early in September 2009, we (myself and friend, Justin) were given the opportunity to take on a five acre vineyard in Kent. At the time, neither of us knew very much about grapes, viticulture, vineyards, wines, wine making or vines, although Justin is an experienced horticulturalist and landscape gardener, which is handy experience when you’re considering a project like this.  While we were both enthusiastic and excited by the proposition, before deciding whether or not to take the job on we would have to see the vineyard and meet the owner.  For one reason or another, this was delayed until 17th October and when the day came we were shown a lonely, overgrown vineyard, ravaged by brambles, oak and chestnut saplings.

The Kent vineyard was in a bad way, strangled and struggling, five acres is a large area for two people, who also have full time jobs, to clear.  Nonetheless, the decision on whether to take this project on was very easy – Yes, let’s do it!

We saw through the degradation, to what this Kent vineyard could be. The vines were still producing wine grapes, three varieties, Bacchus, Schöneberger and Seyval Blanc, it was a delightful setting and this had once been a beautiful place; surely it deserved to be again. Our decision had been quick and unanimous, we would turn this forgotten vineyard into a profitable grape producing business, the grapes would be used for wine making, the wines would be admired and we would give the vineyard back its pride.

This is the story we will share with you; the story of the resurrection of this Kent vineyard.


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