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CHEERY DAYS - Wine & Vine Events

We open the vineyard to guests on a limited number of days each season. During these 'Cheery Days' our guests learn how to care for vines and make wine. The dates and experiences available are shown below. During their days with us, our guests can learn English wine production, from grape growing, harvesting, wine making and, of course, wine tasting. We offer a different experience in each season.

Come to the vineyard on a late spring morning and learn how we plan for fruit set. In the afternoon you will head off for lunch and a glass of wine at the local village pub. All included in the price. During an enjoyable morning we teach you the important role the viticulturist plays in ensuring the growth is happening where it should. We want these flowers to grow and ripen steadily into good quality grapes, and we invite you to roll your sleeves and get involved.

Now the fruit has set, the vineyard is giving us a hint of the size of this year's harvest, but there's lots to do yet. Be in the vineyard as the young grapes slowly ripen as they hang on the vines. During an enjoyable morning we teach you canopy care, the vital process of managing the vineyard as the grapes ripen. We need to have just the right level of leaf foliage; too much takes energy away from the fruit, too little and there's not enough.

The fruit is ready to pick, crush and press, now you can join the team that see it go from vine to wine. This is what it's all about! Come and witness firsthand as we create this year's vintage. Try some English wine and listen while our winemaker explains the entire process during a winemaking demonstration. At the end of your harvest morning, it's just a short drive into the nearby village of Sissinghurst, for a two course lunch, with a glass of our wine, 'Rampant Horse'* at The Milk House, an award winning local restuarant passionate about local food and produce (and our wine).

Secateurs at the ready, come and learn how to prune vines. Pruning vines properly is vital! It gives them the ability to produce high quality grapes for winemaking. During this experience, you'll learn how its done, with full instruction and the chance to prune vines in five acres of English vineyard. You're pruning will effect this year's vintage!