Cheery Days Vine & Wine Experiences Terms & Conditions

Cheery Days Vine & Wine Experiences

Terms and Conditions

For the purpose of this document, the terms Cheery Days organisers, ‘we’, ‘us’ refer to Kent Vineyard Limited, our employees and associates. The terms ‘you’, ‘your’ and ‘vineyard visitors’ refers to patrons of Kent Vineyard Limited’s Cheery Days Vine and Wine Experiences.


Your Cheery Days Seasonal Wine and Vine Experience entitles you to one visit to the selected vineyard during your chosen season or seasons (winter, spring, summer or autumn). You choose the day of the visit from the dates we have available and we will confirm the date once full payment is made. However, we may change or cancel your visit date at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances (especially the adverse weather conditions).

Cancellations and Refunds

In the cases where we cancel or change the date of your visit a full refund will be offered. If you wish to change the date of your visit at a later date we will endeavour to accommodate you, but cannot guarantee availability. If you decide to cancel, please do so within 14 days of booking your visit to the vineyard, as we can only provide refunds for cancellations made within this time period. If you book and then cancel all within 14 days of your visit date, refunds will not be given.


Vineyard experiences and visits take place in groups, so it is essential that they begin and end promptly. We ask you to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the starting time of your chosen vineyard experience (but no more than 30 minutes) to allow for parking and other preparations you may need to make before your experience begins. Group sessions cannot start late to accommodate late running individuals.

Vineyard Visits

During your visit(s) you will be allocated a vine or vines to care for. This is a temporary arrangement, the entire vines and their fruit remain the property of the owner of the vineyard. Permission may be given for you to take cuttings, but to protect the health of vines, cuttings must be taken under controlled conditions.

We will help you become familiar with the vineyard and provide instructions on how to care for the vines appropriate to the season in which you are visiting. Please remember, this is a rural location and you will spend most of your time outdoors where it is often muddy and wet, appropriate clothing and footwear should be worn. We can advise on suitable attire on request.

We will provide food and a selection of refreshments, either in the form of a barbecue or a picnic, using local, seasonal ingredients. If you contact us in the week prior to your visit, we will inform you of what refreshments will be served. We will try and cater for any dietary requirements, so please let us know in advance of foods you or your guests cannot eat.

Expect to be in the vineyard for 3-4 hours. On request we can suggest local restaurants and accommodation, but will not be held responsible for your experience at any of these establishments.

Two Course Lunch at The Milk House

Lunch bookings at The Milk House will coincide with Cheery Days bookings at the Kent Vineyard, and will be redeemed on the day of each seasonal event. 

Your lunch will comprise of two courses from the restauarant's seasonal Dining Menu, accompanied by a 175ml glass of Rampant Horse wine (or a suitable non-alcoholic alternative) per person. An alternative wine of The Milk House's choice may be offered if Rampant Horse is unavailable.


Where indicated, your Cheery Days experience entitles you to a 10% discount from your selected vineyard’s products and services. Other discounts may also be available, but only where indicated. Your Cheery Days experience also includes a 10% discounts on the price of other Cheery Days experiences. Your discount entitlement lasts for three months per vineyard experience. This means, if you have booked one experience, your discount begins on the date of your vineyard visit and expires exactly three months after. If you have booked a four season experience, your discount begins on the day of your first visit and ends exactly one year later.


Where possible we will provide all visitors with a bottle of Kent Vineyard wine to take home with them. However, our wines have limited availability due to the size of our vineyard, so on occasion a different English vineyard’s wine, of our choice, will be offered.

Vehicles, Parking and Transportation


Many of the vineyards we work with are off the beaten track, so unless otherwise stated, we cannot guarantee onsite parking is available. We will however, always endeavour to make parking available and suggest nearby places where cars can be parked where possible.


Please contact us at least one week beforehand on (TEL NUMBER) if you intend to arrive by coach.

Most vineyards have set speed limits which must be adhered to. Even where a vineyard does not indicate safe driving speeds we ask you to drive slowly and reserve the right to ask you to remove your vehicle if sensible driving is not adhered to.

Winemaking  Visits

If your visit includes a winemaking talk or demonstration, this will usually take place at the vineyard you are visiting, however, on occasion we may conduct winemaking experiences at alternative vineyards. We will inform you in advance when this is the case and provide transportation between the vineyard and the winery.


At the end of your day you will receive a Cheery Day certificate relating to the particular season you have cared for a vine in. This certificate is a souvenir of your visit, and is not recognised as a qualification in viticulture, vinification or oenology in the UK or any other country.

Health & Safety

When you arrive at the vineyard you will be given instructions on how to remain safe during your time and potential dangers will be highlighted. The site has been cleared of unnecessary hazards, but please bear in mind this is a working vineyard, if you fail to follow the instructions or act irresponsibly, the Cheery Day organisers and the vineyard managers and owners cannot be held responsible for any accidents you may have.

You can read our health and safety policy here.

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